Billing for Storyous by Teya services and products


Note: This service is currently not available in the UK.

The billing for the cash register system happens on a monthly basis. The payment amount depends on the active licenses on your devices and the additional cash register services you’re subscribing to.

To begin the billing process, you must agree to the terms and conditions during registration as a business owner and log in to the Cash Register Admin.

Once terms and conditions are accepted, the monthly pro forma invoice is issued and sent to your registered email address. Invoices for services will be sent on a monthly basis on the same day of each month. The due date for payment of pro forma is within 14 days of the day it was issued.

The pro forma is considered as paid when the payment is automatically recognised in our system. Then the final invoice is issued and sent to your registered email address.

Note: if you're not using some of your devices and want to avoid being charged for the monthly license, you must deactivate the devices. To do this, get in touch with Customer Support.

Unpaid pro forma

If the pro forma isn't paid by its due date, the due date will be extended by an additional 14 days.

In those 14 days, you'll be sent reminders that the pro forma is unpaid.

Three reminders will be sent to your registered email address. You can also find daily reminders inside the Cash Register Admin and the cash register app.

Please note: the cash register system will be blocked if you do not pay the invoice within those 14 days.