How do I create/ manage my campaigns?


What good is having all the data at your fingertips if you can't use it to achieve your business goals objectives?

With our campaign functionality, you can create powerful, personalised campaigns that drive against key business objectives such as attracting new customers, increasing sales, and targeting specific days/times of day

So here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a targeted marketing campaign


STEP 1- Choose your objective!

What sort of behaviour do you want your customers to exhibit?

Teya Loyalty & Rewards Dashboard (formerly Engage Dashboard) provides 5 templates for campaigns for driving certain behaviours in your customers

  • Increase Basket Size- Get them spending more!

  • Increase Sales on specific days & times of day by rewarding customers for coming in during off-peak hours to maintain footfall.

  • Attract new customers- Welcome a newbie to your loyalty programme.

  • Buy one get one free- Does what is says on the tin

  • Surprise and Delight- Reward your customers at random!

STEP 2-Select what Campaign Type

How do you want to reward your customers for customers for achieving the objective?

Each template allows you to reward your customer with the following rewards they spend a certain amount

  • Double points

  • Bonus points

  • A voucher for a free product

For example- Get a free croissant voucher when you spend over £5

STEP 3-Campaign Details


Please fill in the campaign details:

  • The name of the campaign

  • How long is it going to run for

  • What does the customer have to spend in order to unlock the reward

  • What is the reward (step 2 above)

  • The value of the reward- this is for accounting purposes. You will be able to see in the reporting section of your dashboard the total value of rewards you are giving away vs the value redeemed.

  • The details of the reward, outlining the validity of the voucher, what products it can be redeemed against and the T&Cs of the campaign.

STEP 4-Add an audience (segment) to your campaign [optional]


The default campaign setting is to target all customers. If you are targeting a specific group of users choose the most relevant or choose from the segment you created yourself in the customers tab!

Once you have reviewed your campaign, the T&Cs for your customers, your target audience go ahead and activate your campaign!