What is Teya Rewards (formerly Yoyo)?


Teya Rewards (formerly Yoyo) is built around a mobile payment and digital loyalty experience that rewards your customers when they shop with you.Customers earn points and stamps, whilst you have complete control over the reward items and redemption levels.

Teya Rewards (formerly Yoyo) provides your customers with the following benefits:

  1. Loyalty points, in-app rewards and discounts (read more about our Loyalty offerings here)
  2. Digital receipts and spend tracking
  3. Mobile payments that are quick and secure - no more cash!
  4. As a retailer, you can also deliver personalised, reward-based campaigns using Teya Rewards (formerly Yoyo) mobile-first marketing channels

Teya Rewards (formerly Yoyo) puts the power of payment data into your hands and gives you unprecedented insights into your customers purchasing habits. It also allows you to create and implement targeted marketing campaigns that will help you achieve your business goals!