Installments guide


*Currently available only in Iceland.

As an employee in a service/store, it is necessary to know the payment methods that are available. It is empowering and the more you know the "product" the more confident you are in selling.

We encourage sellers to carefully review the payment methods offered by the company with employees. One of them is Installments (BNPL) from Teya.

Payment methods can be discussed with customers at any time during the communication.

The best opportunity to introduce installment payments occurs when a customer is considering the price of a product.

  • ,,If you are in any doubt about a purchase, we can introduce you to the fact that we offer the possibility of installment payments by credit card, where we can complete the installation of the contract quickly and safely here together".

  • ,,Making an investment decision like this is a big one, but I wanted to let you know before you make a decision that we offer installment payments. Then we make a contract quickly and safely and you decide the time you distribute".

  • ,,Did you know that we offer installment payments? It's a convenient way to distribute payments directly from a credit card."

  • ,,Do you know about different payment methods? We have a lot to offer."

Is there a specific customer group to whom I should introduce installment payments?

  • No. Installments are simply a way of payment method like any other. A customer simply gets a little more flexibility on payment through an agreement made between consumer and Teya.

Installments has two advantages over other lenders in the retail market.

  • On the one hand, installment payments are linked to a credit card and are debited directly for the duration of the contract.

  • However, the cost of borrowing is lower than that of competitors, both for the seller (merchant) and the customer.