Troubleshooting guide: card-linked loyalty


As Teya Rewards is integrated with the terminal, it works in the background of your terminal so will not have any impact on your ability to process payments. If you are experiencing any issues with your terminal please call Teya CR team on tel:+441283896876.

Unable to process transactions?

If you are unable to take payments on your Teya terminal please refer to the terminal help centre on the Teya website to follow troubleshooting steps.

Your customers are complaining that they are not earning points?

9 times out of 10 this is due to user error. There are often 2 cases:

  1. The user is paying with an unlinked or expired card

  2. The user has linked their card in app and is trying to pay with the same card on Apple/ Google Pay

  • On the terminal, a physical card and Apple/Google pay are seen as different cards so a user must link both methods to earn loyalty.