Troubleshooting guide - QR payments


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Teya Rewards not working: Experiencing issues with Teya Rewards transactions?

The majority of the time, this issue is due to connectivity- check your internet connection.

What to do?

  1. Ensure your tills have a stable and secure connection to the internet

  • For an optimal connection between Teya Rewards and your EPOS provider, we recommend verifying that they meet the following criteria:

    • A dedicated, stable internet connection (at least 10MB, ideally faster) and wired where possible.

    • Access to our API endpoint URL - we do not transmit sensitive data between the EPOS and Teya Rewards API, however should there be an internal security requirement to 'whitelist' Teya Rewards endpoint, it must be on the URL itself and not an IP address. The IP address behind Teya Rewards endpoint URL is dynamic and can change at any point in time.

    • The ability to change Teya Rewards endpoint URL within the EPOS settings.

    • Your EPOS reconfigured to have a response timeout of 30 seconds minimum.

2. Restart the till/scanners and your internet hub

If the issue continues after performing a review of the internet connection and restarting your tills please email our Partner Support team at

Please give the team as much information as possible for us to do some troubleshooting on our end!

  1. An image of the error message being displayed on the till

  2. Details of the issue:

    1. How long has it been happening for

    2. Is this an isolated issue or across all outlets

    3. Is there an issue with all Teya Rewards transactions or just a select few?

Voucher Declines

There are 3 main reasons for voucher declines:

1.BPEXC_180 Invalid Voucher

  • If you see this error message at the till, it means that the items in the basket are not included in this voucher

    • If the voucher should be redeemed against the product please email with the product codes and specify the loyalty scheme it should be added to.

2. BPECC_181 Invalid Voucher

  • If you see this error message at the till it may mean that:

    • voucher has expired

    • It has been removed from the users account

3. Issue with the User’s Account

  • Customers app has timed out or needs updating, you may need to clear the cache

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