Getting started with Teya POS


Let's walk through the essentials of Teya POS. This article will help you to understand how registration and logging in works, show you how to work with your device and accessories, explain which systems and platforms will be necessary for your day-to-day operation and business management, and explain how settlements and invoicing work.

Registration and login

To get started with Teya POS, you'll need your Teya ID login. This is the same across all Teya products.

  • If you're an existing Teya customer who subscribes to Teya POS, you can easily sign in using your registered login credentials.

  • If you're a new Teya customer, you'll receive an email requesting you to create your login details.

Note: if you can't find this email, please check your spam folder or reach out to our support via chat, email, or phone.

If you'd like to read more about Teya ID, read this article.

Device and accessories

The device is really simple and easy to use, but it's important to learn a few basics for everyday use.

  • How to turn your device on/off.

  • How to connect your device to the internet.

  • How to charge your device and check the battery.

  • How to work with printer and paper roll.

  • How to pair the card terminal and accepting card payments.

Read more about those basics in this article.

Platforms and systems

Teya POS has all the platforms you need to manage your business efficiently. You'll be working with several connected platforms.

POS Portal for setting up your business, configuring the POS app, and monitoring all your businesses, transactions, and sales. The Portal operates on the web and can be accessed at any time. Read more here.

Teya POS portal

POS app for serving your customers. The app is installed on your device and reflects everything you configure on the POS portal. Read more here.

Teya POS app

Business Portal for a detailed overview of all your card transactions. The Business Portal operates on the web and can be accessed at any time. Read more here.

Business portal with Teya POS

Settlements and invoicing

As a business owner, you'll receive daily and monthly settlement reports for all your card transactions. These reports will be sent to your registered email address.

Card transactions work differently to cash transactions – you'll receive settlement reports for card transactions that include the associated fees you agreed upon with the sales representative. If you'd like to learn more about your fees, read Card transaction fees - Blended or Card transaction fees - Interchange++.

Note: if you're encountering issues with your settlement payment, please read Why you haven't been paid your settlement, or reach out to our support via chat, email, or phone.

You'll also receive a monthly invoice sent to your registered email address. This invoice is issued in advance and will include all the Teya products and services to be paid by the due date of the invoice.