Card transaction fees - Blended


With each card transaction, card transaction fees are deducted from the total amount.

Blended fee

Teya’s blended fee provides a single, easy-to-understand rate for all types of card transactions, making it easy to compare costs and budget for future processing expenses.

Blended rates combine the cost of processing all types of card transactions into one average rate. This rate is calculated by dividing the total cost of processing all transactions by the total number of transactions.

Teya’s blended rates include all fees and charges applied by card issuers, card schemes and Teya. This means that a standard fee applies when accepting card payments irrespective of different categories or brands of cards and countries from where the card is issued. With our blended rates, you know exactly what you will be charged and if the processing cost associated with a transaction is higher than your single rate, Teya will absorb the difference.

In short, with Teya‘s blended rates, you can enjoy a simple and straightforward pricing option. No more worrying about multiple fees and charges – you'll only ever pay a flat rate that covers all of your card processing costs, including interchange fees and any additional costs.