Terminal rental fee – payment and invoice


The terminal rental fee is due at the beginning of each month for that month, e.g. 2nd June for the month of June.

Payment of the terminal rental fee

The terminal rental fee is automatically deducted from your net settlement on the 2nd of each month, or the first next business day if the 2nd falls on a weekend or bank holiday. If you had no transactions prior to that, your balance will show as a negative balance until you've transacted enough to cover the negative balance.

Invoice for the terminal rental fee

The balance due on the invoice will be deducted from your settlement on the 2nd of each month. This means you don't have to pay this invoice manually each time – the amount has already been automatically deducted.

The invoice for your terminal rental fee is sent out on a monthly basis to your registered email address as a PDF attachment. It contains detailed information about the rental fee for your payment terminal (card machine).

Opting out of receiving the monthly invoice

We're unable to stop sending the monthly rental invoices to you as we're legally obliged to send you these documents.

If you cannot find the attachment, need a second copy of your invoice, or believe there's an error on the current one, please reach out to us through our support channels and we'll be happy to send you one.