Property management system integrations


Storyous is able to be connected with hotel systems Previo, Mews & Hores. Integration of new systems is quite easy from our side. The integration allows to easily move the bill from the restaurant to the hotel room, so the customer pays for his spending later.  

In Storyous POS app

After the integration is launched, there is a new button “Move to a room”. The button appears in the bill options. If you have more than 3 types of payment set, you need to click on the "Other" option.


After clicking on the button “Move to a room”, there is a dialog where it is possible to choose the room, to which the bill will be moved. The list contains all rooms, which are currently occupied. The only exception might be rooms to which it is restricted to move items (it is set from the PMS system).


In admin

In Admin, the bill is flagged in the Bills tab or Cancel log tab as “moved to a room”. In its detail, you can find the items that were moved.



The bill is however not issued in bills overview in POS and it is not fiscalized (this is done by the PMS system later). The spending of items on the moved bill is not visible in reports so far. This is what will be solved later.