Connection of tablets and printers


Based on the division into zones, different operations are printed on different printers.

You know from the previous zone article that there can be only one main tablet with a cash register function in each zone, and all the others are side tablets, that is, mobile waiters.

If you do not have a mobile waiter paired with the printer (in this case, the printer must work with Bluetooth technology), receipts will always be printed on the printer that is connected to the main tablet.

Communication between the tablets then proceeds as follows; For example, when the goods are sealed, closed, or the order is handled on a mobile waiter, the data is sent to us on the server, from where the main tablet downloads them, and then a receipt is printed. This means that tablets in one zone may not be on the same network (it is even possible to access the Internet on the main tablet via WiFi and to connect to the other via data on the SIM card).

If a mobile waiter is assigned to a printer, the receipt is printed on it.

Kitchen prints to the kitchen printer from all tablets regardless of function, the settings depend on the specific product, more in this article. However, all the data in the zone first arrives at the master tablet, and then it sends the print request.