Rename, division and transfer of account


If you offer employees the opportunity to consume in your restaurant with better prices, you will find useful the function of renaming the account, thanks to which you can have several, for example, long-term accounts clearly divided by name.

The Storyous system also allows divide an already confirmed account into several accounts by individual items and also offers the option of transfer the account to another table.

The moment you have an account with ordered items on the table, just click on the account header or the icon of person with coffee and open the Account Settings.


To rename an account, tap its current name and the pencil next to it. You can then use the keyboard to enter a new name and save everything with the Change button.

To transfer items to another account, select Move items in Account settings. In the Move Items dialog box, you will then see a list of all the products in the selected account, and their count will move one by one to the right when you click the numbers on the left - the right column indicates which items will be moved and how many. Below the list of products, you will also find the option to move all items at once. Once you have selected what to move, you can complete the operation with the buttons below. 

If you select New bill, the application will offer you a list of all your tables and you can choose on which a new account with selected items from the original account will be created. If you select Existing bill, you will choose from the currently open accounts in the restaurant.

To transfer the account to another table, select Change table in Account settings. Then just select the desired table from the list of your tables and the account will be moved.


If you're interested in the other buttons in Account Settings, try reading this article.