Settlement reports – daily and monthly


If you use Teya for payments, you'll receive automated email reports. These reports summarise fees deducted from each card transaction per your contract with Teya, as well as the amount paid to your business in the settlement cycle. They're not invoices, but they provide a clear breakdown. They might also include any outstanding debts owed to Teya.

Daily settlement reports

Each settlement generates an automated email containing a daily settlement report. This report provides regular updates on your settlements and is sent to the email address you registered with Teya.

Despite the name, these reports follow the typical settlement cycle and are dispatched on business days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. If there's no settlement on a specific day, there will be no daily settlement report.

Note – every Monday, you'll get a report that includes all the transactions from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The time you receive the settlement report depends on when the settlement was processed and can vary from one bank to another.

This report offers a very basic overview and focuses on the overall amount of a batch, the amount of transactions and refunds, and the actual settlement amount. A breakdown by card types isn't displayed.

Monthly settlement reports

At the end of the month, an automated monthly settlement report is generated and sent to the email address you've provided to Teya. This report is usually sent in the first half of the following month – for instance, by 15 August for settlements processed in July.

Note – the monthly report typically doesn't include the last day of the month because those transactions are processed and settled in the next month, e.g. transactions from 31 July would be settled on 1 August.

The report also presents information on the number of transactions per card scheme. It breaks down the total settlement amount, fees deducted, and the actual settlement amount for each card type, as well as providing an overall summary.

Changing your email

If you're the legal representative of the company and you want to change the email the reports are being sent to, you can do so by logging in to the Business Portal and editing this information under Settings > Company.

Opting out of receiving reports via email

If you don't wish to receive these reports via email, you can always opt out. Please reach out to our Customer Support team and they'll assist you.

Note – you can only opt out of receiving both of these reports, or continue receiving both of them. It's not currently possible to choose whether to receive one or the other.