Complaint procedure


If you suspect a device defect, first try to verify the defect.

If the goods are really subject to all the criteria for a complaint, contact us at +420 602 405 047, by email or via chat in the app or in your administration. We will be happy to help you with the complaint process.

During the complaint procedure, we will provide you with free replacement device, it will be delivered to you within two working days of entering the complaint (if you wish to use the services of an express courier, transport will be charged according to the carrier's price list).

On the third working day after sending the device, we will arrange a pick-up for the claimed goods (ideally so that one day a replacement device arrives and the next day the courier for the device for the complaint stops by). Transportation may take longer during periods when the service is very busy, such as during the Christmas holidays.

As soon as your claimed device arrives, we will send the device for service. If the complaint is accepted, we will inform you about the repair and the date when we will send the repaired device back to you. After sending, we will order a pick-up for our replacement one and complaints will be settled.

If it turns out that the defect is not subject to the complaint procedure, we will contact you with a price proposal for the repair, which you can either approve or reject - in this case it will be an out-of-warranty service, about which you can find more information here.