Hardware transfer conditions


In case you are interested in transferring devices between stores or companies, please contact our customer support.

If you wish to move the device, you must read and agree in writing in the e-mail that you have read the following conditions:

Conditions for transferring hardware in Storyous   

  • Only hardware that has been purchased from our company can be transferred within Storyous. Transfer is not possible for other types of hardware. 

  • We will process your hardware transfer request as quickly as possible, within Customer Support's operating hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). It can take up to 3 working days to process the transfer, so if you need to expedite your request, please call the customer support line after submitting your request and we will do our best to prioritise the transfer. We thank you in advance for requesting the hardware transfer in advance to avoid inconvenience on both sides. 

  • If you are transferring hardware from one business to another, it is essential that you have prior approval from the original owner. 

  • After the transfer, please adjust the necessary settings (printer pairing, tablet configuration, logging out and logging in from Storyous app, ...). We will be happy to guide you through the settings, just call the customer service line. 

  • If you are transferring your POS system to another company, we recommend that you do a closure beforehand, and after the transfer, please log out and reconfigure your tablet. Contact customer support for a configuration key. 

  • If it is a tablet transfer, the license price will be charged according to the current price list and the number of devices to be used. We will only make a transfer in exceptional situations, for example, if you are buying a device from another retailer, or if you are closing one branch and opening another. The maximum number of times you can transfer hardware is once a month.