Getting started with Teya Tap


Given Teya Tap is an innovative new technology, we highly recommend you watch this brief instructive video before getting started.

What is Teya Tap?

Teya Tap is a mobile application that turns your Android phone into a payment terminal - it is currently in a BETA early access release stage and so it’s restricted to select users. With Tap you can accept contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallets.


Here's a quick guide to get you started:

1. Sign up for Teya.

  • Register with Teya to get started by following the links received in your email if you’ve been selected as an early access user!

  • If you’re interested, but have not received an email communication you can reach out to to register your interest and for more information.

2. Download Teya Tap.

Once you’ve registered, you will receive a QR and/or link to download Teya Tap on the Google Play Store.

3. Log in.

Open the app and log in with your existing Teya ID. Make sure to use the same email and password that you used when you joined Teya. See Teya ID for more info.

4. App set up.

You will be prompted to allow some required permissions to use Teya Tap. These are essential to make sure you can accept payments securely, protecting both you and your customers. See app permissions and device compatibility for more info.

5. Take payments.

  • After successful login you will open the Terminal section of the app. Here you can enter an amount and tap “Continue”.

  • You will be prompted to tap a contactless card. You will need to place the card near the NFC chip on the back of your Android phone. Watch guide to Teya Tap for more info.

  • You should receive a “Payment approved” success message.

6. Issue digital receipts.

After a successful payment, you will see an option for “Digital receipt”. Tap on this and the receipt will be displayed on screen, including a QR code that your customer to scan to receive a digital receipt.

7. Review transactions.

You can easily view transaction history and details within the app. Tap “Transactions” on the bottom navigation panel.

8. Issue refunds.

You can refund any payments taken on your device, by simply going on the “Transactions” tab, and tapping on the payment you wish to refund.

9. Get support.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, read errors and troubleshooting. If you can’t find the answers you need, you can reach out to our support team by emailing

That's it! You're now ready to start accepting simple, secure payments with Teya Tap.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Teya Tap is secure. It only works on NFC compatible Android devices. NFC encrypts data so that it is secure and ensures information like card numbers cannot be stored on your phone.

At the moment Teya Tap is only available in the UK and for select users given it’s in a BETA stage.

There are no upfront or subscription costs to use Teya Tap.

If you take payments with Teya Tap only, then you’ll pay a single, blended rate of 1.75% in transaction fees.

If flexibility, time-to-scale and costs are the main factors for you then Teya Tap is the solution for you.

Being able to take payments on your phone, means one less device that you need to keep track of and that you need to keep charged.

Teya Tap allows you to dynamically scale your ability to take payments to fit your business needs. If you need more devices to take more payments for specific events, or across specific business periods, then simply download the Teya Tap app onto as many device as you require, log in - and your are ready to go.

Lastly, unlike a terminal, the Teya Tap is free to download and use from the Google Play Store. There is no monthly rental fee or upfront purchase cost.

If a feature-rich solution is your main goal, with the ability to take Amex transactions, tips, or connect with EPOS providers, then a terminal is going to be the solution for you.

App permissions and device compatibility

Teya Tap will work on most Android phones. As long as your phone is running Android version 11 or higher, with NFC then you are all set.

No, not just yet. At the moment the Teya Tap app is only available on the Android platform. We are working hard to launch an iOS version in 2024.

During the initial set up process of the app, the user is asked to allow Teya Tap to have access to the device location, the camera and the phones Do Not Disturb feature.

Device location - Teya Tap requires access to the device location to confirm the country location of each transaction. This access in only used during transactions.

Camera - Teya Tap requests access to the device’s camera to disable it during a transaction. This is to protect privacy - for both the merchant and the cardholder. It is never used to take photos or videos.

Do Not Disturb (optional) - We highly recommend you allow this to prevent customers seeing your personal calls and messages during transactions. This is only used during transactions.

Payments and refunds

The NFC is located on the back of the device. However, the exact location of the NFC in each Android device varies dependent upon the brand and model of the device.

If you have a Samsung device you can view this guide to see exact NFC placement.

When the customer presents their card or payment device correctly you will see 4 green lights at the top of screen and hear a loud beep. This is followed by an animation, which will indicate a successful payment, as well as a final ‘approved’ screen.

You can view all your transactions in the Teya Tap app, and find sales and settlement reports in your Business Portal. You can find it here or through the ‘more’ section in the app.

Yes, Teya Tap accepts payments using ApplePay and Google Pay.

Yes. In the UK, the contactless payment limit is £100 for physical cards. If a transaction amount is greater than £100 and the customer is paying with a digital wallet (Apple or GooglePay, for example) then the transaction will complete as normal as the contactless payment limit does not apply for digital wallet payments.

If the customer is using a physical card, then they will be presented with a PIN pad screen allowing them to input their PIN. This transaction might not complete successfully for some physical cards, due to restrictions from certain banks.

Currently, it is only possible to accept Mastercard and Visa payments on the Teya Tap app. The ability to accept payments using other schemes is part of our roadmap for 2024.

Currently it’s not possible to provide a partial refund for Teya Tap transactions. If you need to offer a partial refund, you could try issuing a full refund and charging the customer again for for new purchase amount. We are working to launch partial refunds soon.