Cash register/tablet first steps


You've just received your new cash register/tablet. Let’s launch it together.

General settings

  • All our devices run on the Android operating system.

  • Once you've unpacked, turn on your cash register/tablet by holding the Power button on the side or back.

  • The Volume buttons can also be found on the side of the cash register/tablet

Power supply

  • The 14-inch and 15-inch ELO cash registers/tablets don't have a battery. They're permanently powered by the power cables, which are included.

  • All other cash registers/tablets have a built-in battery. Only use the original chargers that you receive to charge them, and make sure to disconnect the device from the charger when the battery is full.

  • PAX A920 Pro cash register/tablet can also charge via a dock charging station.


  • You'll receive a wooden stand for some of our cash registers/tablets. You can find instructions for its installation enclosed in the package.

  • Some of our cash registers/tablets have available protective cases.

Connect the cash register/tablet to the internet

  • Depending on the type of cash register/tablet, you can connect to the internet in three ways:

1. On your cash register/ tablet screen, select Settings and choose Network and internet.

2. Choose your Wi-Fi and enter your Wi-Fi password.

3. Connected should display under the network.

1. Insert the internet (LAN) cable into your router.

2. Connect the LAN. The port is on the back.

3. If this isn't an option, connect the device to Wi-Fi.

1. To connect to mobile internet, insert a SIM card into the cash register/tablet.

2. The SIM card slot can be found on the side or under the battery on the back.

3. Insert SIM card you have to turn the mobile data on.

4. You can turn on mobile data by swiping down from the top of the screen in the top control panel or in Settings.

5. Click on the Settings and select the Network and internet option.

6. Select mobile network and turn it on.


  • Using a distinct network only for the cash register system and its components.

  • Having all cash register system devices connected to the same network (does not apply to devices using Mobile internet SIM).

  • Using the Internet (LAN) cable connection as long as your cash register/tablet and your business place allow it.

  • Only choosing one type of internet connection. Bear in mind that other connection methods must be turned off in the cash register/tablet.

Cash register app login

  • Every device you receive will have the cash register app already installed and ready to log in.

  • To log in, use the email address and password that was sent to you during registration.

  • Login credentials are uniform and can be used to log in to all cash register solutions and any other services offered by us that you subscribe to. This does not include services or products provided by other parties that are not a part of Teya.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND installing any apps other than the cash register app on the cash register/tablet. The cash register’s/tablet’s operating memory should be reserved for the cash register app in order to ensure full functionality.