Card terminal integrated with Storyous POS


*This article is intended for Teya payment terminals with the new version of the app.

Learn how to connect your card terminal with Storyous POS, how to accept card payments, make refunds, and cancel the previous transaction.

To begin, you’ll need to set up both your card terminal app and Storyous POS app.

Setting up connections

Step 1: Set up your card terminal and Payments app

1. Launch the Payments app by clicking on the icon on the card terminal’s home screen.

2. Configure the app if you didn't do that before.

3. From your payment app main window, click on the ≡ Menu icon in the top left corner.

4. Choose the Manage features option.

4. Enter the manager PIN.

5. Enable the Pay At Counter mode.

6. Go back to the main menu of the app to lock the payment terminal lock.

Note – to ensure a successful connection between your card terminal and Storyous POS, the terminal needs to be in a locked state. In this state, the terminal will only display the Teya screen with the option to access settings, as shown in the last screen. This enables proper communication between the two systems.

1. Launch the Paymenst app by clicking on the icon on the card terminal’s home screen.

2. Configure the app if you didn't do that before.

3. Now launch the Storyous POS app.

Step 2: Set up Storyous POS app

1. Log in to Storyous POS with your Teya ID.

2. In the main window of the app, select the ≡ Menu button in the top left corner.

3. Go to ⚙️ Settings.

4. Select Payment terminal.

5. Click on Add Payment terminal.

6. Select which terminal you want to pair with this POS via the serial number (S/N).

7. This will successfully pair the chosen terminal.

Important – if the terminal for pairing is not available in the Storyous app or your old terminal is still showing up, it's necessary to first log out of the app completely. In the top right corner of the application, log out by clicking on the icon of your user, and then in the login window for your user, click on the three dots and forget the option of saved login details. Now log back into Storyous with your Teya ID and try the terminal pairing again. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it. For more information on resetting your password, visit this article.

Important – the configuration of terminal linking won't be possible in the Storyous app for users with the role of a newbie.

Note – the card terminal serial number (S/N) can be found on the back of the terminal.

Note – if you’d like to know more about Teya account login, check out this article.

Your card terminal is now ready to accept payment requests sent from the cash register – Storyous ePOS.

Accept card payments on your Storyous POS

1. Create an order on your cash register – Storyous POS.

2. Click the Pay all button on the bottom bar on the right.

3. Press Card payment.

4. The payment will automatically pop up on your card terminal.

5. Tap, insert, or swipe the card through the terminal.

6. The screen will display Approved for a successful transaction.

7. The bill will automatically close as paid on Storyous ePOS.

Refunding card payments and cancelling transaction on your Storyous POS

To refund or cancel card transactions on your Storyous POS, follow the steps bellow.

1. Click on the ≡ Menu icon in the top left corner of your Storyous app.

2. Choose the Bills option.

3. Select a specific bill from the list.

4. This will display payment details.

5. Tap on the Cancel bill button.

6. Choose the reason for this action.

7. The terminal will display payment details for the refund.

8. Tap the Confirm button on your terminal. This will be the last opportunity you have to Cancel this action.

9. To print the receipt for the customer, select Customer receipt.

10. To print the receipt for yourself, select Merchant receipt.


If you encounter any issues while accepting card payments with your Storyous POS:

  • Check that both your card terminal and POS system are connected to the internet.

  • If the internet connection is stable, try logging out and logging back in to the Storyous POS. Additionally, check the terminal connection in the POS settings or use the Stability Check feature. Try to process the card payment again.

If problems with card transactions continue, please check that both your card terminal and Storyous POS system have location in the device settings enabled.

  • Card terminal → slide downwards from the top of the screen → click on the arrow drop down on the right side → slide to the right → hold your finger on the location → check if location is turned on. If not, please enable location for the device → select App-level permissions → check if location is enabled for the Teya Payments app.

  • Storyous POS → Open ⚙️ Settings → search for location → check if location is turned on. If not, please enable location for the device → select App permission → then click on the Storyous app → check if the location is set as Allow all the time. (You can also try to find this option in Settings by going to → Apps and notifications → Permission manager → Location → Storyous app – Allow all the time)

    *It may differ for different Android versions