Troubleshooting Pay By Link Transactions


Welcome to Teya’s troubleshooting guide on Pay By Link transactions, designed to help you resolve common issues encountered while using this feature. Here, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to address concerns before seeking specialist help.

I’m unsure of my Pay By Link Transaction status

It is common for customers to let the link expire or not go through the 3D Secure authentication, preventing payment. If you are unsure whether the transaction has gone through, simply check its status and refer to the glossary for detailed descriptions, which will help you guide your customers through the next steps.

My customer hasn’t received my Pay By Link

If your customer reports not receiving a Pay By Link you issued, double-check the phone number or email you entered when generating the link. Typos are common, but not to worry! Try sending a new payment link to a different contact to see if they received it this time. You can use your phone number or email, and request a low payment amount as a test.

If successful, the issue is resolved. If not, contact our CR team for assistance.

Guiding your customers through the payment process

If your customers need help completing a payment using the payment link, you can guide them with the following steps:

  1. Instruct your customer to open the SMS or email received, which states that your business is requesting payment, the exact amount requested and a Pay Now button

  2. Request your customer to click on Pay Now

  3. They will be redirected to a new window and prompted to enter their card number, expiration date, and CCV security code

  4. Once they have entered the required information, instruct them to click on Confirm, and the payment will be processed.

What are the error messages they can find?

Error Message


Invalid Parameters

The payment link was already used, even if the payment wasn't successful. Please try sending a new link.


The transaction was declined by the card issuer. Please advise your customer to contact their bank.

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