Getting Started with Summaries


What is a summary?

A summary provides an overview of the total sales, refunds, and tips processed through your terminal on a given day and is generated daily for all card machines, regardless of their transaction activity.

You can access summaries directly on your device, and each summary will be labelled as either Open or Closed, indicating whether your terminal has been closed and if transaction data has been sent to complete the settlement cycle.

What is the difference between a summary and a settlement report?

Summaries offer an overview of the total sales, refunds and tips processed through your card machine, as well as a breakdown of the card schemes used by your customers. On the other hand, Settlement Reports provide a more comprehensive guide to your sales, including fee deductions and the amount that will be settled to you.

How are summaries structured?

Summaries are divided into the following key sections:

  • Total amount processed by the device throughout the day

  • Card machine opening and closing hours

  • Serial Number, which serves as a reference for accessing information on the Business Portal or providing to support agents

  • Sales Breakdown, detailing gross sales, tips and refunds, ultimately contributing to net sales, which determine your settlement amount

  • Card breakdown, categorizing the types of cards used by your customers on that particular day.

Why is there a transaction missing from the summary?

If a transaction is missing, it's likely because the daily closure happened before the transaction was processed. This means the transaction might show up in the summary for the next day instead.

To resolve this, first, check if there's another open summary with the transaction. If there is, it will be settled the next business day. If not, contact our support team for help.

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