Checking a Pay By Link Transaction Status


How to check a Pay By Link Transaction status?

If you have completed a Pay By Link transaction and wish to check its status, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Payments App on your terminal

Step 2: Tap the Menu situated in the upper left corner

Step 3: Select Transactions and Refunds

Step 4: Enter the predefined Manager PIN

Step 5: Locate the desired transaction by either using the search bar or scrolling through the screen

Step 6: Click on the transaction you wish to know more about, and review its status.

What are the transaction statuses and their meanings?

Transaction Status


Payment Approved

Your customer has successfully made the payment, and you can expect to receive it in your next settlement cycle.

Payment Link Active

The payment link was generated and remains within the expiration time however, it has not been used by your customer yet.

Payment Link Pending Authorization

The payment link was sent, remains within the expiration time, and was opened by your customer. However, the transaction wasn’t completed due to an unfinished second-level authentication step (3D Secure).

Payment Link Expired

The payment link was not used before the expiration date, thus invalidating it. If you still want to receive the payment, you will need to issue a new payment link.

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