How to refund and cancel transactions


The payment app on your card machine offers a complete overview of transactions, and the option to refund your customers directly from the card terminal.

If your customers wish to return goods or services and they paid by card, you can refund their money in the card machine app. The overview of all past transactions can be found in the app under Transactions.

How to refund​

1. From the app’s main window, select the ≡ Menu button in the top left corner.

2. Select Transactions and refunds.

3. Scroll or use the card/search/filter to browse the transaction you'd like to refund.

4. When you find the transaction you’d like to refund, click on it.

5. Select Issue refund.

6. Input your four-digit security PIN.

7. A window will open, prompting you to select Full refund, or insert the amount to be refunded.

Note – the amount can be full or partial, depending on the goods or services your customer is returning. The amount cannot be exceed the value of the original transaction.

8. Select Next.​

9. In the overview screen, review the amount and select Confirm. This is also the last opportunity you have to Cancel the refunds.

Note – the card doesn’t have to be physically present in order to process refunds. The funds will be automatically refunded to the card that was used in the original transaction. This will allow you to return funds to customers, without them needing to be present (e.g. over the phone).

10. The confirmation screen will display the result Refund approved or Payment void, which indicates the funds have been successfully returned to your customer.

11. If you wish to print the receipt for the customer, select Customer receipt.

The details of the refund/void transaction will be visible via the menu in Transaction and refunds.

Important – if you return funds on the same day as the original transaction, it’ll be treated as a void. This happens because the settlement process hasn't been completed for the transaction, and will appear as a Payment void in Transactions and refunds. However, if you return funds after the payment has been fully settled, it will appear as a regular refund in Transactions and refunds. This indicates that the funds have been returned to your customer.

You can easily check the app version on your device by clicking on the Settings or Menu icon in the top left screen. This will open a window with the menu. At the bottom of the screen, you'll notice the app version, e.g. 2.7.0.

Transaction history

The payment app on your card machine offers a complete overview of transactions. You can browse transactions in several ways.

Transaction history

Transaction history offers you a complete overview of all past transactions and insights, such as:

  • Were there any refunds tied to this transaction?

  • Was the transaction successful or not?

  • Printing an extra receipt for the customer.

Accessing the Transaction history

  1. Launch the app by clicking on the app icon on the main screen of the device.

  2. This will open the main window of the app. Select the Transactions button.

  3. If there have been any transactions on the device, you'll see a list of them.

  4. Click on any transaction to view it in more detail.

Helpful tip: if you’re searching for a specific transaction, you can:

  • Use 🔍 Search
    You can search transactions by reference code or the last four digits of the credit card.